Our Board of Directors

Timothy Johnson - PresidentPresident

Timothy Johnson

Former NFL player, Tim Johnson is, first and foremost, a man who seeks and follows God. He is a devoted husband, affectionate father, and...

Megan Dowdy - Board MemberBoard Member

Megan Dowdy

Megan Dowdy is a seasoned real estate broker, educator, and entrepreneur. A native of Orlando, she is one of its biggest promoters and is familiar with all...

Doug Gehret - Board MemberBoard Member

Doug Gehret

Doug Gehret is area vice president of operations for Hilton Worldwide. In this role, he provides leadership of hotel operations in ...

Bruce A. Mount, Jr. - Board MemberBoard Member

Bruce A. Mount, Jr.

Bruce A. Mount, Jr. was born and raised in Historic Eatonville, Florida (the oldest black municipality in America). Bruce graduated from ...

Drew Starke - Board MemberBoard Member

Drew Starke

Drew Starke, an accomplished professional with more than 20 years in the automotive industry, is the Senior Dealer Operations Manager for...

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