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A Celebration of People Lifting People,
Transforming Our City.

A Celebration of People Lifting People, Transforming Our City.

April 9, 2017 10:00AM @ Camping World Stadium

Orlando Serve Foundation presents “He Got Up”, a day of celebration and service for the homeless, families, and individuals in need.  The event will feature:

  • A “resource fair” to identify services, training, employment and job readiness for self-­sustainability.
  • Government leaders, agencies, non‐profit organizations, businesses, faith based organizations, educational institutions, and community volunteers will work together to provide a cohesive aide for those in need.
  • Stadium concession stands will provide food and drinks, at no cost, for all attending.
  • Transportation will be provided to and from the initial event, at no cost, to attendees.

It’s important to note that Orlando Serve is not creating another program.  It utilizes existing programs and services from public and private sectors, and leverages resources to achieve a sustainable, holistic solution.

Government Leaders, Agencies, Businesses, Non-­‐Profit Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, School Districts, Community Volunteers.

To make this successful, a unified effort is needed in three areas:

  1. Funding: Engage non‐profits, corporations, and individuals to meet the budgetary needs.
  2. In Kind Services/Donations: Specific in kind needs are being identified and a list is under construction.
  3. Volunteers: Opportunities to assist on the initial event day and beyond include:
    • Jobs/Job Readiness
    • Logistics
    • Event Food
    • Ongoing Food Support
    • Veteran and Senior Services
    • Easter Services
    • Communications
    • Finance/Budget
    • Follow up
    • Housing Services
    • IT
    • Volunteers
    • Legal
    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Outreach
    • Prayer
    • Production
    • Personal Care
    • Set up/Tear Down
    • Transportation
    • Vendor Coordination
    • Volunteer Hospitality
    • Veterinary and Pet Food Assistance (seniors targeted)


If you are interested in finding out more information about volunteering or sponsoring the event, please click on the links below.

Governmental leaders, agencies, businesses, not‐for‐profit organizations, faith based organizations, and educational institutions in the tri‐county area will be exposed to other resources within our communities and will be able to connect with one another, cross‐pollinate services, and leverage their resources.  Together, this public/private partnership will consist of a large community of individuals, corporations, and organizations uniting resources and building a model for other communities to follow.  Strategic planning has already begun to build a template not only for the initial event, but also for ongoing collaboration.

To Help Individuals and Families Become Self-­‐sustainable

Homeless rates are growing at an alarming rate in Central Florida, putting a strain on individuals, families, and government/community resources.  According to a 2013 federal study, Central Florida has been ranked number one for chronic homelessness of individuals, including veterans.  In addition, there is a large population that live in local motels, the woods, cars, and other undesirable locations.  However, we are an innovative and creative community that will accomplish the seemingly impossible.  We will make an impactful change with a cohesive collaboration for as many as 30,000 people through this effort that addresses many of their material and spiritual needs in one location.

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