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“The greatest poverty in our society is being unwanted, unloved and uncared for. Our goal with He Got Up is to address this incredible need in Central Florida by demonstrating our love for our neighbors in a dignified way by showing them we care through this day of celebration and service that addresses many of their spiritual and material needs in one location.”

– Pastor Tim Johnson
Board President, Orlando Serve Foundation

Did You Know…

  • A corporate sponsorship of $100,000 will provide job training services for 2,000 individuals in need or homeless
  • A $50,000 donation provides a path to self-sufficiency for 1,000 veterans in need
  • A $25,000 donation will provide 125 families with financial counseling and referrals.
  • A $2,500 donation will pay for the cost of one Community Event.
  • $100 provides 2 children with services, including dental and vision referrals.

We ask that you consider making a donation – in any amount – to help transform Central Florida.

If you’d like to make an in-kind donation of items or services, please go to our Community Partner page and sign up.

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